Décor Acoustics: Optimizing Acoustics

Décor Flat Panels

A line of lightweight, dimensionally sized panels, that are available in multiple thicknesses to enable the maximization of absorptive space acoustics.  With an NRC of 1.0 at 2” in thickness, it is easy to see how the Décor Acoustic material outshines the competition within the acoustic design space.

Décor Ceiling Baffles

A line of panels designed to be suspended from the ceiling or ceiling framework within a space.  Available in flat, sinuous, and cylindrical versions, providing multiple Décor options for the surface that provides the most ‘value’ (ie: greatest ROI, and ‘bang for your buck’) when you are looking to maximize sound absorption.  Hide the sound absorption, or scream about it from the rooftops, ‘pantone’ coloring gives you either option.

Décor Ceiling Tiles

A line of acoustic ceiling tiles, that follow the mantra of ‘get it done’ (acoustically speaking, of course).  Available in an easy ‘stick-on’ application, or one that seamlessly fits into an existing drop-ceiling grid, providing better acoustics has never been easier.  Whether you choose to supplement your design via ‘Pantone’ coloring or embrace the beauty of grey, it is your design to make.  

Décor Acoustics offers a line of highly acoustically absorptive ceiling baffles, tiles, and wall panels.  Made from a flexible, open-cell thermoset polymer, Décor acoustics brings German engineering to the US.  Made in standard sizes and designed for applications that have proven acoustically beneficial to focus on (higher ROI locations for sound – ceiling, upper walls, etc.), Décor Acoustics inevitably has a solution for the most trying and/or mundane acoustic problems.  Available in a standard light grey color, or easily customized via ‘Pantone’, Décor Acoustics provides acoustic excellence in the colorway(s) that enables you to put your ‘design’ signature on the space.