The ‘Beveled’ Cork Bricks provide a rustic and modern look simultaneously, while also providing an impressive level of sound absorption.

In a size and format akin to common clay bricks, these bricks impart classic and functional elegance to any surface to which they are applied.  Made in a ‘self-adhesive’ system, installation is quick and easy.


  • A traditional brick ‘look’ and profile
  • Provides exceptional sound absorption properties
  • Made with self-adhesive backing for easy installation



  • 230 mm x 70mm x 7mm
    (approximately 9″ x 2-3/4″ x 5/16″)

Product Documentation

Beveled Bricks

Order Samples

$4.00 per sample

Green $4.00
Black $4.00
Brown $4.00
Terracotta $4.00
Natural $4.00
Ivory $4.00
Grey $4.00

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