About Us

Sustainable Materials is a leader in bringing ‘sustainable’ wall (and ceiling) covering products to the commercial A&D segment of North America.  Through both decades’ old partnerships, and new ventures and innovations, we curate and deliver innovative products to the décor, furnishings, and construction segments, both via ‘finished’ goods, but also components used in aftermarket product developments.  Widely recognized as global cork experts, our deep manufacturing partnerships and sustainability focus has ensured our award-winning and multi-faceted products grace the interior surfaces of some of the most respected organizations, structures, and residences throughout North America.

As we have been broadening our raw material focus beyond ‘cork’, we have formed and fostered new partnerships to push the envelope of sustainable ‘input materials’, and what sustainability can be.  As the pipeline of innovations continue to develop, not only are we focusing on raw materials (leveraging by-products and finding uses for materials not historically used in design and décor), but we are looking at techniques of processing materials in ways not yet seen.  Though what is here now is impressive, keep your eyes on what is coming next.

We strive to provide versatile and technically advanced products that create stunningly beautiful interior solutions, that are not only that, but are ‘climate positive’, and quietly (by aesthetics and design) bring sustainable innovations to the forefront of selection and desire.

Thanks for your consideration, and most importantly prioritizing ‘sustainability’!

Pete Nichols, President and Founder