Versacork Mosaic

Versacork® is a tile mosaic made from rapidly renewable cork. The cork, harvested from the cork oak tree, is peeled from the trunk of the tree, leaving it to regrow naturally. Versacork is a 100% byproduct of the cork stopper industry. The cork mosaics are created by cutting the individual pieces to size and mounting them on a mesh backer, which defines the spacing. This adds to ease of installation. Cork in this unaltered state is only found in Versacork. It brings to the design world unique aesthetics, versatility, and intrinsic technical merit.

The Versacork line of cork flooring includes round mosaic and cork carpet, effectively bringing cork into the modern age of flooring, highlighting versatility and comfort.

Cork, when used as a flooring product, immediately imparts a feeling of environmentally sustainability. Not only are the Versacork completely natural, they are warm to the touch, extremely durable, and pleasure to walk upon.

Versacork Carpet

Versatility in Design.  Versacork’s color is attractive in its natural state. And it can easily be stained using a commercial stain before installation. Versacork was originally designed as a flooring material. However, it is now used extensively in wall applications, to cover furniture/millwork components, and as decking for ocean faring yachts. Versacork is truly sustainable—offering many lifestyle benefits and values that other mosaic or flooring materials do not have.