With Moss

Without Moss

The natural elements of ‘nature’ have never been so close.  Virgin Tree cork bark panels bring the exterior bark of the tree onto a modular, easy to install, panel.  The rustic aesthetic is toned down with imbedded ‘moss’, to put the forest within reach. 

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Product Documentation

  • Care and Maintenance
  • CSI Specification
  • Installation Instructions
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Warranty

Panel Sizes

1480 * 600 *25mm
(approx. 58-1/4” x 23-5/8” x 1”)


By default, all panels are made with imbedded, preserved ‘dark green’ moss
(Note: panels can also be made without moss if desired)

Panel Construction:

Cork laminated to 9mm multi-ply Poplar (PEFC and CARB II / TSCA VI certified)


“Belly” cork can also be used instead of the ‘Virgin Tree’ varietal.  ‘Belly Cork” is the inside section of the peeled bark, and with that is inherently smoother, more round (less angular), and with a slightly more consistent base color.  (NOTE: if of interest, inquire for visuals)


Glue or “Clip2Fix” (proprietary ‘rail’ and ‘clip’ installation system)