Textura™ Recycled

Textura® Recycled an interlocking wood wall panel that uses the beauty of natural wood to provide modern lines with an element of depth and texture. The staggered edge and interlocking panels make the seamless installation a breeze.  In three different heights, each with a different thickness, Textura™ RECYCLED brings dimension to any surface to which it is applied. If you want modern lines, with an element of depth, cleanliness and texture, look no further.

Textura™ Fusion

Textura® Fusion is an extremely densified, stable, and easy to install FSC-component, engineered real wood plank that comes in a wide format, and long lengths. Available in Oak, Ash, and Walnut, in both their natural colors and select stains, the beauty of real wood and its ‘clean’ grain has never been so attainable for wall applications.

Textura™ Groove

Textura® GROOVEpanels provide long, parallel runs of bamboo ridges that are milled into a solid bamboo substrate. Available in 3 different profiles and 9 different colors, your seamless, and sustainably harvested ‘grooved’ bamboo wall is literally a pin nail away from reality. Can be installed vertically or horizontally.