Concrete Overlay

Concrete Overlay panels are an environmentally friendly and sustainable collection that redefines the concrete ‘concept’. Available in 3 colors, the Concrete Overlay panels are a thin veneer of natural cement on a natural, stable backer. Our panels are VOC-free, and contain NO toxins, chemicals, gypsum, or glass fibers.

The panels are thin, lightweight, and easy to install, and are designed for interior applications. With a Class “A” fire rating, they fit just about anywhere (fire surrounds, elevator cabs, etc.). Our Concrete Overlay panels are wildly innovative, remarkably versatile in their potential applications, and have been turning the ‘concrete’ product market on its’ head.

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  • Lightweight (approx. 1 lb./sq.ft.)
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Extremely stable
  • Class “A” for fire (ASTM E84)
  • Contains NO Toxins and is VOC-free

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  • Water-based contact cement or other applicable fast bonding construction adhesive

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