The VIRGIN TREE Cork Bark is the outer bark of the cork oak tree.  It is rugged, heavily mottled, and provides high contrast.  Blended with the preserved moss, feeling as if one is in nature is a given.

The natural elements of ‘nature’ have never been so close.  Virgin Tree cork bark panels bring the exterior bark of the tree onto a modular, easy to install, panel.  The rustic aesthetic is toned down with imbedded ‘moss’, to put the forest within reach. 


The TREKKING Cork Bark is from the inner core of the cork bark, that is found after the ‘skin’ is removed, and the rings of cork are flattened via a streaming process.  These parallel strips vary to some degree in thickness, but provide a very linear presentation, that undulate ever so slightly in depth. 

If cork could be stratified like sedimentary geologic time, Trekking cork bark panels would visually show it.  The inner bark of the cork oak is segmented, and stacked in a parallel orientation which gives the effect of spatial continuity.  Trekking brings order and organization to the Cork Bark series.