Cork Bricks


The 3D Cork Bricks are the flagship ‘Cork Bricks’ option, that is designed to bring depth and texture to the wall, and in doing so, helps with acoustic absorption.  These handmade tiles come in 3 sizes that vary in their set length (all 4” tall), each with a different thickness.  When installed, the ‘3d’ element shines through providing a compelling feature.


Beveled Cork Bricks are true to the descriptive name – each tile is beveled on all 4 sides.  Designed to mimic a traditional clay tile in size, our Beveled bricks have the added benefit of sound absorption, tackability, and visual warmth.  Available in both an adhesive-backed version, or a direct applied glue version, a sustainable ‘brick’ aesthetic is at arms’ reach. 


The GRAND Cork Bricks have elements of the ‘3d Bricks’, but they have a lower profile and larger size(s), which visually translates into slightly less visual variation in thickness.  As with the other styles, they can either be installed in a single color, or multiple color options can be mixed together, the Grand feels like a muted and toned down ‘3d brick’ when installed in space.