Primecork provides a rich and natural cork finish bringing class and appeal to the interior walls of any space. Its’ warm and comfortable look and feel makes it compatible with almost every décor style, from the modern to the very traditional. This natural skin and silky finish, provides a smooth and unobtrusive element, that make wall surfaces both timeless and relevant.

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  • Large-format wall panel
  • Natural aesthetic, matching numerous décor styles
  • Square edged and rigid for simplified installation

Environmental Compliance

  • Made from natural and recycled cork
  • Low-VOC, NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde), PCP-free
  • LEED-Compliant
  • Provides thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial applications


  • 600mm x 450mm x 4mm
    Approximately (23.6” x 17.7” x 1/6”)

Quantity per box:

  • 12 pieces
  • 34.88 sq. ft.


  • 7 – 13mm, approximately (5/16” – 9/16”)
  • Thickness varies across individual pieces


  • Water-based contact cement or other applicable fast bonding construction adhesive


  • Panels with a cork backing, MDF, cork sheet core and pigmented cork veneer with a natural protection finishing


  • Natural, water-repellent, low-sheen finish