Kid’s Forms

Kid’s Forms give children the freedom to personalize the walls in their rooms and change them at any time, with boundless creativity. A decorative wall innovation precision cut in cork, Kid’s Forms are adhesive-backed, 3 dimensional shapes in a variety of sizes and colors. Little kids just have fun playing with shapes and colors, without drawing or scribbling on walls. Older children apply, remove, rearrange and replace Kid’s Forms to express their own designs, and then pin on their own photos and notes. Available in five fun shapes in a selection of bold, vibrant colors. Manufactured in recycled, renewable cork — a premium sustainable material for exceptional interior design and lifestyle products.


  • Adhesive-backed shapes (removable and replaceable adhesion)
  • Available in individual colors (by set) or in a mixed color format set
  • Enables movable play and design
  • Tackable surface with push pins