Organic Design Blocks

Sample Options Available:

Organic Design Blocks are the flagship line within the Organic Blocks that presents itself in high-relief, molded, geometric shapes that either are installed in a single color or can be intermixed for a more customized full wall or ‘artistic feature’ installation.  Organic Design Blocks bring dimension, depth and distinctive visual appeal to interior surfaces. A decorative wall innovation manufactured in molded cork, Organic Blocks transform ordinary flat surfaces into a daring, compelling element of high-end interior design. Organic Design Blocks convey a contemporary European design aesthetic in five high relief, geometric shapes.

Single Shape Sample: $20.00

Organic Block Color Swatch Set: $18.00

NOTE: The Color Swatch Set does NOT include a shape sample, only color swatches. Click on the color swatch to make your selection and click add to cart.

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