Cork wall tiles are the designer’s perfect tool. Not only are they incredibly easy to install, they also offer unlimited options even when using the smallest amount. We offer wall tiles in every shape and size from our mosaic Versacork to our large format Metalegance.

1. Modular Solutions

When you utilize modular design products, you increase the flexibility of your design allowing it to be easily adaptable for future use. Cork tiles add color and texture to walls and can accommodate everything from contemporary to classic styles. Each of our product lines offer several colors to choose from including natural earth tones. Many of our products are even paintable or stainable so that you can achieve the exact look you envision.

2. Acoustic Solutions

Cork tiles naturally provide acoustical benefits because of cork’s inherent noise absorption which is especially welcome in conference rooms and office spaces. Traditional acoustical solutions are generally bulky and unsightly but with cork tiles you can achieve sound reduction while actually creating a more attractive space.

3. Functional Design

A cork tile wall will add color and warmth to your space but beyond that, most of our wall tiles are also able to double as a decorative pin board, allowing space for reminders or photos- an excellent feature for any home or conference room. Cork tiles can also be used to create elements such as headboards or even artwork panels for a quick and easy design update.