Acoustical Challenges

Every designer has faced the task of figuring out how to create open, welcoming buildings without sacrificing acoustics. From schools to offices and even restaurants, it can be a challenge to accomplish this. Fortunately today there are several simple solutions!

Private rooms and offices continue to be a trend of the past while modern office buildings invite collaboration using open spaces and higher ceilings. Yet according to many office surveys, lack of sound privacy is one of the biggest complaints in open plan offices. Designers can find a balance by incorporating simple measures to help direct and reduce sound reverberation effectively. Hard surfaces such as glass and tile offer a clean look but also allow sound to bounce off, amplifying noise.

One of the most effective ways of reducing noise pollution is to add acoustic paneling to walls. In addition to improving sound quality, decorative (and functional) wall panels can also add lots of interest to the space! All of our cork wall panels offer varying degrees of acoustic insulation.

Another challenge often seen in modern buildings is high, open ceilings. This open space can definitely make a room feel larger but again, it can create unwanted acoustical issues. A simple and attractive fix is to add suspended acoustic panels, often made from cork or other materials to help absorb sound and add visual interest to the room. Spaces such as restaurants that tend to have lots of ambient noise can especially benefit from extra sound absorption. Organic Blocks and Cork Bricks can easily be used as hanging baffles or in space dividers- just contact us for more information!

Modern design and good acoustics do not need to be mutually exclusive- today’s acoustic panels and solutions come in many shapes and materials and can be used to add to the aesthetics as well as improving sound quality!