What if your design could do more than just look great? What if walls could double as useable surfaces? Modern architects and interior designers are uncovering new creative and functional designs by utilizing versatile, performance-based wall finishing systems for both commercial and residential work.

From offices to educational centers, there is a demand for materials that withstand high use as well as a need for reducing acoustics. Manufacturers are responding by creating products that combine these properties into one product.

Cork design blocks and bricks offer a modular surface that is tackable like a bulletin board and can withstand high impact in high wear areas making it very low maintenance. The system is also versatile since refreshing the walls or updating the colors requires only changing out the panels or painting.

Metalegance flexible wall panels are magnetic and flexible enough to wrap around corners. In addition they offer fire-resistance and are LEED-compliant.

Other options include felt or thick fabric wallcoverings which hold up to wear and tear while offering natural tackable surfaces. Functionality can look great!