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Introducing its ‘bespoke’ manufacturing arm to the US, Muratto (Portugal; www.muratto.com) launched its Trizzano effort to N. America at Wanted Design Manhattan on May 17, 2019.

Focusing only on ‘sustainable’ input raw materials, Muratto manufactures interior décor surface products for interior design and architectural applications.  With tremendous success and acclaim in the hospitality, restaurant, office, retail store design spaces, Muratto has brought its’ ‘know-how’ and manufacturing innovations to the bespoke product designer and retail segments through Trizzano, offering custom manufacturing to designers developing products, and retailers who value sustainable materials in their product line and portfolio.

Vasco Barros, president and CEO of Muratto, stated “we are very excited to bring our sustainable solutions to N. America through our Trizzano efforts.  We are fulfilling a long-requested client need, and have internally created a scalable operational solution to allow us to react quickly and efficiently to designers requests of customization and fabrication.  I am actually ‘over the moon’ with excitement about introducing this service and our capabilities to the US market through our introduction at Wanted Design”.

Muratto has led sustainable material innovation through many of its’ pioneering manufacturing processes historically with cork, and now more recently with other sustainable inputs including stone dust, post-industrial recycled shoe manufacturing discards, and salt – and all combinations therein.  Processes include molding and fabrication, color infusion of cork, development of flexible cement, and the amalgamation and development of a number of composite materials that aim to divert post-industrial manufacturing by-product from the waste stream.

“The limited introduction we’ve had into the US market has been remarkable,” says Swetlana Reifschneider, the President of Trizzano operations (www.Trizzano.com).  “Our ability to mold cork furniture and components in a relatively large format, and in colors, seems to be one of the driving motivators behind the overwhelming interest we are seeing with the industrial designers we meet with.  We are extremely excited and energetic about this, especially knowing that cork molding and coloring is just the tip of the iceberg of our capacities as it relates to raw materials and providing viable and engaging solutions for our clients.”

Muratto and Trizzano’s North American office and operations is managed by Sustainable Materials (Boulder, CO; www.sustainablematerials.com).   With a line of standard and stocked finish and décor materials, Sustainable Materials has proven their ability to be a viable conduit for bringing these Portuguese innovations across the Atlantic, into and through the channels where they are most applicable.  Pete Nichols, president of Sustainable Materials says, “We are really excited about the new Trizzano effort. We feel the time is right to bring our technologies to the industrial design segment, and knowing there is a developed and efficient backend that allows for scalability, both with service and production, we know we can provide a great impact, both in the short-term, and with developments we have in the pipeline.”

To learn more about Muratto, Trizzano, and Sustainable Materials, contact:

Pete Nichols

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ph: 720-449-3063 (x101)