What once was a bleak expanse of white paint is becoming increasingly more inventive as offices and businesses turn to wall coverings as a quick and easy way to promote upfront branding. This trend seems certain to continue as current top architectural wall covering designers continue to offer all kinds of unique and creative wall covering materials and textures such as fabric, cork and reclaimed wood. Business owners now have endless options for custom printed wall coverings and murals with the ever-increasing advances in printing technology.

Creative wall coverings offer many advantages over traditional options such as paint or wallpaper.

Durability- Many of today’s custom wall coverings are created with durability in mind, offering function as well as style. Texture can aid in durability by disguising wear and tear to walls and surfaces that a smooth or shiny surface would show immediately. Materials such as cork offer antimicrobial properties, keeping walls naturally clean and reducing germs.

Ease of Installation- Traditional wallpaper brings to mind messy glue, difficulty lining up patterns, and permanence. Many modern wall coverings and panels are designed to install quickly and change out easily. Panels such as our Cork Bricks even offer peel and stick options for speedy installation.

Branding- Wall coverings can be customized to include a company logo or color scheme offering instant recognition and making a memorable impression on visitors and clients. Mix and match organic cork blocks to create a unique pattern in a wide range of colors- many can even be painted for a custom look.
Consider modular wall coverings in your next design to create an easy, unique, and memorable look.